AFDA PhD Award

AFDA will grant every year to a PhD these an award with a € 1.000 prize.

Awarded dissertationsAward committee
2014 Award A call for competitors will be opened in December 2013.
2013 Award M. B. DEFOORT

"The administrative Decision"

Panthéon-Assas University
(under supervision of Pr. B. Seiller)

English summary of the thesis

2012 Award Mrs. A.-L. GIRARD
"The historical formation of the theory of unilateral administrative act"

Panthéon-Assas University
(under supervision of Pr. J.-J. Bienvenu)

English summary of the thesis

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Prix de thèse 2012

- Pr. Nathalie Albert,
- Pr. Camille Broyelle,
- Mr. David Bailleul,
- Pr. Michel Degoffe,
- Pr. Michel Fromont (chairman),
- Mr. Simon Gilbert.
2011 Award Mrs. A. GAILLET

"The individual against the State. Essay on the evolution of public law petitions in nineteenth-century Germany"

Universities of Strasbourg and Albert-Ludwig in Freiburg im Breisgau

(under supervision of Pr. O. Jouanjan and Pr. Th. Würtenberger).

JPEG - 219.3 kb

- Pr. Sabine Boussard,
- Pr. Michel Degoffe,
- Pr. Mathieu Doat,
- Pr. Jean-Claude Douence (chairman),
- Pr. Michel Fromont,
- Pr. Catherine Ribot.
2010 Award Mrs N. BETTIO

The circulation of property between public legal entities

Toulouse I university

(under supervision of Pr. C. Lavialle)

JPEG - 197.1 kb

- Pr. Camille Broyelle,
- Pr. Delphine Costa,
- Pr. Catherine Ribot,
- Pr. Gérard Timsit (chairman),
- Pr. Jean-Claude Douence,
- Pr. Mathieu Doat.
2009 Award Mrs C. FOULQUIER

Evidence in administrative law

Toulouse I university

(under supervision of Pr. J.-A. Mazères)

JPEG - 43.5 kb

- Pr. Delphine Costa,
- Pr. Gérard Timsit (chairman),
- Pr. Jean-Arnaud Mazères,
- Pr. Michel Degoffe,
- Pr. Grégoire Bigot,
- Mr. Antoine Claeys.
2008 Award Mrs Anne JENNEQUIN

The implicit in administrative law

Lille II university

(under supervision of Pr. X. Vandendriessche)

JPEG - 43.2 kb

- Pr. Aude Rouyère,
- Pr. Sophie Nicinski,
- Pr. Jean-Arnaud Mazères (chairman),
- Pr. Jacques Moreau,
- Pr. Norbert Foulquier,
- Pr. Grégoire Bigot.
2007 Award Mr. Th. PEZ

The risk in public contracts

Paris II university
(under supervision of Pr. P. Delvolvé)

JPEG - 47.9 kb

- Pr. Aude Rouyère,
- Pr. Sophie Nicinski,
- Pr. Jacques Moreau (chairman),
- Pr. Jean-François Lachaume,
- Pr. Etienne Fâtome
- Pr. Jacques Petit.

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