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Institut Cujas – Université Panthéon Assas
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The next AFDA’s symposium will held in Strasbourg on June 5-7, 2013.

The provisional program is as follows:

- June 5: 5th spring of young legal research
(Tribute to M. Waline)

- June 6-7: The "public service"
(AFDA annual symposium)

- June 6: The 2013 general meeting of the AFDA,

- June 6: The 2013 AFDA’s PhD award ceremony.

The AFDA offers a free mailing list service for communicating with its members and contacts (in French). It can be used also for administrative events abroad.

You can subscribe or unsubscribe to it, view the Charter (in French) or the FAQ (in French)..

The French association for administrative law [1] (AFDA) is a learned society that has been created in June 2006 as a non-for profit organization.

The dynamism and richness of French research in administrative law are indisputable. There is not any part from this branch of law that is not, every year, studied by numerous and noticeable individual researchers or group works. However, in a context of profound transformation of administrative law, its influence does not seem sufficiently assured.

If the scientist group work would not take precedence over individual work, it must be regarded as its indispensable complement. A confrontation of scientists’ developments and a high-level dialogue should allow developing news proposals and more relevant perspectives.

The development and influence of French administrative law necessarily pass through enhanced collaboration among all those committed to the study and knowledge of this discipline.

The creation of the French association for administrative law (AFDA) will facilitate this collaboration and encourage all initiatives promoting the French administrative law.

Following the example of similar societies in France and abroad, the AFDA aims to contribute to the development of research in this discipline.

It seeks to promote the organization of group work (symposiums, seminars, conferences, debates, laboratory networks, ...) and distribution (creating an specialised book collection) as well as supporting individual work, particularly those of young researchers (PhD prize).

[1In French : Association Française pour la recherche en Droit administratif.

AFDA - Institut Cujas - Université Panthéon-Assas
12 Place du Panthéon - F-75231 Paris CEDEX 05 - France