Administrative law and liberties: what can we learn from History?

AFDA had organized on December 9th, 2011 a seminar in Nantes on "Administrative law and liberties: what can we learn from History?".

Program were as follows.

09.00 Welcome

09.30 Opening Lecture
Gilles Dumont, Professor, University of Nantes, Dean of the Faculty of law

I. History and theoretic figures

Chaired by Jean-Louis Mestre,
Professor, University Paul Cézanne (Aix – Marseille III)

10.00 Administrative liberties prior 1789
Anthony Mergey, Professor, University of Rennes I

10.30 Should be administrative jurisdiction and liberalism compatible?
Grégoire Bigot, Professor, University of Nantes, Fellow of "Institut universitaire de France"

11.00 Pause

11.15 Administrative liberties and administrative law
François Saint-Bonnet, Professor, University of Panthéon – Assas

11.45 Did doctrines have theorized administrative liberties prior the golden era’s law of 1880s?
Pierre-Henri Prélot, Professor, University of Cergy – Pontoise

II. History and empirical figures

Chaired by Jean-François Théry,
Honorary president of section at French Council of State

14.00 What Liberty(ies) for cults before 1905?
Brigitte Basdevant-Gaudemet, Professor, University of Paris – South (Paris XI)

14.30 The economic liberties prior the 1929 crisis
Stéphane Braconnier, Professor, University of Panthéon – Assas

15.00 Pause

15.15 What freedom of expression prior 1881?
Boris Bernabé, Professor, University of Franche-Comté

15.45 Final lecture: Origin and evolution of fundamental rights in Germany
Olivier Jouanjan, Professor, Universities of Strasbourg and
Freiburg im Breisgau, Fellow of “Wissenschaftskolleg zu

The seminar proceedings will be published in the “Revue du droit
public et de la science politique en France et à l’étranger" in 2012.
(ISSN : 0035-2578)

PDF - 101.2 kb
AFDA’s seminar in Nantes (English program)

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