Administrative liability

On June 7-8th, 2012, AFDA will organize its yearly symposium in Toulouse on the "Administrative liability".

On June 6th 2012, the fourth Spring of young legal research will pay homage to Léon Blum.

The symposium program is as follows:

Thursday June 7th 2012

09.00 Welcome

09.30 Opening Lecture: The functions of administrative liability
Denys de Béchillon, Professor, University of Pau and "Pays de l’Adour"

I. – Boundaries

Christian Lavialle, Professor, University Toulouse I Capitole, Chairman

10.00 Administrative liability rules and "civilian" model
Gabriel Eckert, Professor, University of Strasbourg

10.30 Administrative liability rules and et separation of powers
Sébastien Roland, Professor University of Cergy-Pontoise

11.00 Administrative liability rules and comparative law
Benoît Delaunay, Professor University Paris Descartes

11.30 Debates

II.- Objects

Aude Rouyère, Professor, University Montesquieu Bordeaux IV, Chairperson

13.30 Administrative liability rules and public health
Isabelle Poirot-Mazères, Professor, University Toulouse I Capitole

14.00 Administrative liability rules and natural environment
Arnaud Gossement, Barrister

14.30 Debates and pause

15.00 Administrative liability rules and civil service
Christian Vigouroux, "Conseiller d’Etat", Deputy Chairman of the litigation section of the French State Council

15.30 Administrative liability rules and Vichy
Delphine Costa, Professor, University of Avignon

16.00 Debates and pause

At 16.30, AFDA PhD thesis award and AFDA’s general meeting.

Friday June 8th 2012

III.- Techniques

Philippe Raimbault, Professor, Institut d’Etudes Politiques of Toulouse

9.00 Welcome

9:30 The combination of administrative liability rules
Françoise Fraysse, Professor, University Toulouse I Capitole

10.00 Obligation of means and obligation of result
Hafida Belrhali-Bernard, Professor, University Pierre Mendès France (Grenoble II)

10.30 Debates and pause

11.00 Transfers of liability
Antoine Claeys, Reader, University of Poitiers

11.30 The causal
Camille Broyelle, Professor, University Paris-South (Paris XI)

IV.- Litigation

Dominique Bonmati, President of Administrative court of Toulouse, Chairperson

14.00 The burden of proof
Caroline Foulquier, Reader, University of Limoges

14.30 The assessment of injury
Marcel Sousse, Professor, University of Perpignan Via Domitia

15.30 Liability and office of justice
Lara Karam Boustany, Professor, University Saint-Joseph in Beyrouth

16.00 Final lecture
Maryse Deguergue, Professor, University Panthéon Sorbonne (Paris I)

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Programme du colloque de l’AFDA 2012

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